Ashley Esper

I’m an illustrator and the creator of "Ralphs". My work is inspired by classic cartoons, pop culture, and other general silliness.

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Sanzaki Kojika

I create cute and functional artwork. I also write original novels and graphic novels of the fantasy and paranormal mystery genres.

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Gregory Thompson

I am an author that writes in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres. i also do original haiku commisions.

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Sower's Creation

Andrea has always loved to create things. She's been a crocheter since a kid thanks to her dad (yes! dad!) but has been mainly focused on amigurumi for the past 15 years. Her other main love, hand-built pottery, started about 4 years ago. She loves learning new design skills and glazing combos.


ADVM Creations

ADVM Creations is an artist (Owen) and writer (Ve'Amber) duo from the Chicagoland area. We create slice-of-life, action, & mythology styled comics with our main series being project: AEGIS: a series that follows three people who find themselves recruited by Greek Gods to change who will rule Mount Olympus. 

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Steph Stanga Illustration
Steph lives in CHicago, IL and travels to comic cons and art fairs around the midwest. She is inspired by nature, animals, Disney, animated movies and the fantasy genre overall. Her favorite subjects to draw are weird, "ugly" things, misunderstood animals and she enjoys drawing mushrooms and fat, fluffy creatures.



Marisol "Dzhelasi" Delvalle is originally from Bronx, NY currently residing in Aurora, IL. Starting off with a love of cartoon characters, street art and horror, Mari has developed a style of art with a "creepy cute" vibe.  Her love for bats and interest in folklore and mythology can be seen as influences in much of her artwork. Her mediums of choice are digital art on procreate as well as acrylic paints and inks. 

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MastaFran Art

I'm a Joliet, iL independent artist who creates artwork for children's books, comics, t-shirts, and video games.I self publish comic books of short stories I've written over the years!

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E.E. Hornburg
author of the Cursed Queens series with City Owl Press. A
fantasy series of romantic fairy tale retellings.
She’s a Chicago South-Sider, aunt to the best niece and nephew ever, expert at the fan-girl flail, a wheelchair “part-timer” with 
Osteogenesis Imperfecta, dog mom, Hufflepuff, coffee addict,and has a degree in youth and theatre ministry.

Jacqueline Franco Art1.JPG

Jacqueline Franco

I am an illustrator and creator of the webcomic
‘Yaya the Bean’. I love working in different mediums such as ink, acrylic, and digital. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone to better myself in art. Which includes selling my art as stickers and cute holographic keychains!


We try to bring new and affordable handcrafted and 3D printed pop culture items to fandoms of all sorts.

Bellossoms advinbloom-vivicircle.png


The Bellossoms are little flowers that are discovering adventure and learning to grow together. Meet Gigi, Cici, Vivi and Ru in Bellossoms: Full Bloom, an animated series where the Bellossoms leave their enchanted tree to bloom in new places. Artist Erika Swanson sells hand-drawn sketch cards, takes drawing requests, and offers pins, prints, storybooks and more.

Purple Pandas Creations Logo.jpg

Purple Panda's Creations

Hi! I’m the owner of Purple Panda’s Creations and my name is Hope Standifer. I make jewelry, fandom related items, and personalized items. I started my company in 2018.  I enjoy knowing my items make people smile and want to come back to purchase items. I just know I can make YOU smile if you bought one of
my pieces.

Lionbolt artwork CoverFinal.png

LionBolt Books & Animation

I am a self-published author and freelance animator based in the Chicago suburbs. I aim to build a community of fans united by stories and style.

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George Adamczyk

George is an author that write's collections of short horror/fantasy stories and is very excited to meet fans of the genre.

Animeazing Ears Product4.png

Animezing Ears

Is a handcrafted mickey ears shop that designs are
inspired by anime characters.

mystery unincorporated mu_toyshow.jpg

Mystery Unincorporated

We are a couple of fans and collectors of pop culture! We sell all kinds of fun and geeky things such as action figures, plushes, board games, hot wheels, funko pops and more. Lots of fun 2 for $5 items for the kids. 

EncinoMane Publications Corp 2.jpg

EncinoMane Publications Corp. est. 2022; From comics to zines packed with short stories, we here at EncinoMane Publications pride ourselves in being that bit of extra in your ordinary.


Tom Bacon Art

Filled with art from my two series:

1) Below Earth, darker pieces about ruins of a lost world, and

2) Synth City,
a retro-futuristic synthwave world

Michelle Nee Art.jpg

Michelle Nee Art

I’ve always been passionate about art and my first love was anime. I am a jack of all trades. I draw, paint, and felt. Whether I am making something cute, flashy, emotive, or surreal, I try to put in a pop of light and color to really bring it to life. I hope my creations bring you as much joy as they bring me!

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