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David Knight is a published freelance Illustrator currently completing his BFA In Illustration from Columbia College Chicago. Over the last two years, he has taken to traveling the country to table at Artist Alley events at fantasy conventions sharing his vision with others. Currently he is working on a commissioned comicbook series and creating an upper level high school arts program




Fawn Szymoniak, aka “Sanzaki Kojika” has been a residence of the fantasy world from a young age, growing up in a house full of books and mythology. She spends her time drawing and writing, capturing her imagination on paper. She will also be teaching our Japanese Writing Class.

"Ginkie's is a locally based coffee enthusiast, jewelry maker, and polymer-clay crafter. As an avid reader, she's excited to be a part of MAPLD FanFest 2019!" 


Ginkie's Handmade Crafts

Junction Collectibles is a family-owned and operated collectibles company. Established in 2018, we sell collectibles and collectible supplies to anyone from casual to seasoned collectors. We are an officially licensed wholesaler in the state of Illinois.




Brian Babendereder


Brian “BMAN” Babendererde is a game designer, artist, and author working in games, comics, and novels. Brian is the creator of the comic series Soul Chaser Betty, as well as designer and writer on such classic game titles as Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator,  and  Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity. 

ADVM Creations


"Project: AEGIS is a greek mythology inspired coming of age comic being created by a team who's coming of age themselves. Grounded in everyday struggles but with a Greek twist, the story is quirky but full of heart."

Ashley is a graphic designer and illustrator, whose work is inspired by classic cartoons, pop culture, and other general silliness. She is the creator of "Ralphs", a comic series following a pair of lovable pups and their everyday hi-jinks. 

Ashley Esper

Comic Artist

Skulls & Sketches

Jack Gonzalez is an Illustrator and writer. He has been making comics since 2012, creating Last Unicorn, Pins and Needles, and R/M. He is a US Air Force veteran who is passionate about the history of animation, along with Latin American history and mythologies. He lives in Chicago with his wife and dog. 

Jack Gonzalez


Mr. Calavera

Purple Panda's Creations


Purple Panda's Creations is located in the southeast suburbs of Chicago. Creations include: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, and custom items. 

Mandy Madrox


Mandy Madrox first published “Curse of the Dark Heart”, a short horror story included in Bleed Black Volume 1, (Jan. 2015) an anthology by Black Heart Comics to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. Her series, Nephilim, debuted in 2016. Set in Kankakee, Illinois, the story follows the journey of a young woman named Raven. After a  car accident, she awakens to a revelation and a peculiar choice that turns her world upside down. 

Julio A. Guerra is indie comic creator from NWI and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Publishing. His creations include The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag, Botched, and NerdLife. Julio get his inspiration from various genres and eras of music, graffiti, pro wrestling, and of course comic books.

Julio A. Guerra


Guerrilla Publishing

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