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Lolita Fashion Rachel Lamiacea.jpg

Rachel Lamiacea

Chicago Lolita Community

I'm Rachel, I've been wearing Lolita fashion for a decade. I'm a Chicago native and I help run the Chicago Lolita Community. I'm passionate about teaching newcomers and love sharing the fun of Lolita fashion. I've hosted my Lolita 101 panel at multiple conventions for several years now, and I'm always glad to see new people learning to wear and enjoy the fashion for themselves. Lolita fashion is striking, unapologetic, and fun, and it's for everyone.

Lolita Fashion Anh Le.jpeg

Anh Le

Chicago Lolita Community

Hi, my name is Anh (she/her), and I’ve been wearing lolita fashion for 7 years! I mostly wear classic lolita and sometimes sweet lolita, and Innocent World is my favorite lolita brand. Some of my other hobbies include painting and crafting, astrology, playing D&D, and watching anime. I live in New York, but you can find me on Instagram.

Lolita Fashion Jinna Holt.jpg

Jaye (Gigi The Surreal Girl)

Chicago Lolita Community

Jaye is a Youtube and TikTok creator who has been involved in lolita
fashion since 2005. Her other hobbies consist of playing bass, guitar,
singing, and occasionally actually reading a book.

Lolita Fashion Melissa Thomas Deery Lou.jpeg

Deery Lou

Chicago Lolita Community

Hi I’m Deery Lou the fawn  I’m a Sweet Lolita, I’ve been living the sweet life since 2015. Deer/Fawn themed prints are my favorite, every time I get dressed I ask myself how can I live my best Fawn life? Lolita Fashion has allowed me express my individual style/personality and meet so many amazing people that share the same interests.

Lolita Fashion Isabella Ryuuzaki.jpeg

Isabella Ryuuzaki

Milwaukee Lolita Society

I’m one of the admins of the Milwaukee Lolita Society after being in
Lolita fashion for over eight years. My typical styles are sweet with an
emphasis on hime as well.

Drawing Class Ashley Esper.jpg

Ashley Esper


I’m an illustrator and the creator of "Ralphs". My work is inspired by
classic cartoons, pop culture, and other general silliness.


Life as A Streamer Italian Slyce.JPG


Twitch Streamer

I’m Mickey. I’ve been playing games since I was young. My first gaming console was a Nintendo system. I’ve been an affiliate streamer on Twitch since 2020. As a Chicago native, I enjoy deep dish pizza and have passionate debates about the best places to go. I currently live in Arizona with my boyfriend and two dogs. Other than gaming I enjoy reading and binge watching TV.

Life As A Streamer SupremacyKingGaming.png


Twitch Streamer

I’m Eddie. I’ve been an affiliate streamer on Twitch since 2020. I’ve loved playing games since I was young. I enjoy playing games such as Rocket League, Apex Legends, Sea of Thieves and most recently Fortnite. I’m originally from California, but currently living in Arizona with my girlfriend and our two dogs. Outside of gaming I enjoy creating content videos for other streamers and getting them setup with their streaming careers.

Life As A Streamer xSinSisterx.jpeg


Twitch Streamer

Hello I'm Sin!, I am a FPS streamer who mostly plays Apex Legends (Ranked) and sometimes I'll dabble in some Halo! When I'm not playing FPS or Horror like story games, I am usually in my discord hanging out with my community watching movies or tv getting their mind off their stressful week at hand. So if you're looking for a laid back streamer who is sweet, Cute & Petty because she likes Dasani water, then I'm your Gal.

Life as A Streamer xAfterHours.jpg


Twitch Streamer

Chess, tea and racing are life. I am calm and genuine but, can also
be very stoic and a bit blunt. I am a South African-Persian American, who is very well traveled. I have a post-graduate degree and have a severe phobia of dolls.


Victoria Rosenthal

Pixelated Provisions

Victoria Rosenthal launched her blog, Pixelated Provisions, in 2012 to combine her lifelong passions for video games and food by recreating consumables found in many of her favorite games. When she  isn’t experimenting in the kitchen and dreaming up new recipes, she spends time with her husband and corgi
hiking, playing video games, watching anime, and enjoying the latest new restaurants. Victoria is the author of many video game cookbooks including Street Fighter: The Official Street Food Cookbook, Halo: The Official Cookbook, and MyPokémon Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Inspired by Pikachu and Friends.

dr solo perry headshot.jpg

D.R. "Solo" Perry

Ka-Pow!! Art Academy

Founder, Instructor & Artist

Born on the Southside of Chicago, D.R. "Solo" Perry is completely self-taught & has been a professional artist & animator since the age of 14 when he was first hired as a t-shirt designer for a local screen printer. After being HONORABLY discharged from the U.S. Army, he soon found himself working as a Chicago Police officer, married with four children, & fully 'ADULTING'. Though life was good, comics & animation were his passion & he longed to grow to a professional level as an artist in 'The Comic Arts.' He began searching for accessible, affordable, specific, yet comprehensive learning but couldn't find anything that checked the 'boxes' to fit his needs. After years of honing his skills & becoming an industry artist he never forgot how hard it was to simply learn in a convenient, affordable, & structured way & he knew he couldn't be the only one in the world with this issue. So to answer this dilemma & Ka-Pow!! The Comic Arts Academy was born!!

Windy City Ghostbusters group pic SSI 2022.jpg

Windy City Ghostbusters

Cosplay Group

The Windy City Ghostbusters are a registered 501c3 charitable organization made up of Chicagoland Ghostbusters enthusiasts who make and build their own Ghostbusters Universe
inspired costumes and props. The proceeds from Windy City Ghostbusters events go to La Rabida Children's Hospital and other like organizations. Book us for your party or event! We're ready to believe you!

CWAC lady thor cosplay.jpeg

Costumers With

A Cause

Cosplay Group

Costumers With a Cause is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization of costumers, cosplayers, and photographers with big hearts and creative talents who choose to make a difference in the world.

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