Monica Paprocki returns to MAPLD Fanfest! Monica (Gonzales) Paprocki is the founder and CEO of Geeks A Gogo  - a geek news website that covers local comic book conventions and promote geek culture events, products and services. Monica is also an award winning cosplayer who has competed and won several major competitions in the region. 


Cosplay Group

Jack Gonzalez is the creator behind Mr. Calavaera. He is a freelance illustrator with a passion for storytelling and comic books. He has been creating comics since 2014. My most popular book is "Last Unicorn." He enjoys breaking down the art process and teaching what he knows to students of all ages.  


Brian K. Morris is an independent publisher of books and comics, a hybrid author, pop culture broadcaster, "award-winning" playwright, and former morticians assistant. A full-time author since 2012, Brian's writing combines fearless plotting, positive values, and an emphasis on strong female characters.

He's revived several classic characters such as The Original Skyman, Nature Boy, The Purple Claw, Domino Lady, and Spencer Spook and created new heroes such as Vulcana, Santastein, and The Heroine.


Ashley is a graphic designer and illustrator.  

with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts and has been working professionally as a graphic designer since 2012.

Her work is inspired by classic cartoons, pop culture, and other general silliness. She has created a comic series called "Ralphs", following a pair of lovable pups and their everyday hi-jinks. 



Pros and Cons Cosplay is a multi-award winning cosplay duo from Missouri. From craftsmanship to performance, to judging and contest directing, they are experienced in many areas of cosplay. Pro enjoys projects that require a lot of embellishment and intricate detail. Con prefers projects that require unconventional building techniques. They love talking shop about cosplay builds, and working to make the cosplay community more inclusive of marginalized peoples.    

Kalea Phillips.jpg

Kalea Phillips is a freelance artist.  I have been drawing for many years I work in various different medias such as paint, pencil, and ink.  My most popular media is ink or digital and I take commissions from anime, comic book, D&D, and more.  


Eric Wolfgang is a cartoonist known for his loose and expressive art style. Working mostly with pencil and brush pen, Eric enjoys creating simple and quirky characters that express his love for movies, games, and cartoons. He's also that guy will take the last mozzarella stick before people get awkward about it. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram @wolfyboy21 to see current projects.


Julio Guerra and Ben Miller are co-founders of Guerrilla Publishing. Indiana.  Julio has created his own titles such as The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag, Tales from the Cryptic Closet, Super Deadbeat Dad, and Joo Bear. 

Ben Miller is a writer and editor at Guerrilla Publishing.  Ben started out writing the miniseries Judges. Since he has written the graphic novels Kaneesha and Gunwork.  He has written stories in Tales From the Cryptic Closet and The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag.


Shawn "Fangirl S" is the producer and host of many shows on The Fangirl Zone. She jumped into podcasting after having a fangirl moment at C2E2 2012. She has since started her own podcast network with thirty current shows and more on deck.  Shawn has interviewed talent from various platforms and continues to look for new ways to help others find their inner fangirl. 

Wonder Woman-Jay.JPG

Jay Justice is an award-winning editor, consultant & cosplayer from NYC. Her work has been featured by SyFy, BBC America, and Marvel Comics, and she has been the inspiration for new characters in DC Comics and Boom Studios. Since 2009 Jay has crafted over 100 costumes and created programming at conventions, libraries & schools across the country.

As an outspoken POC, LGBTQIA+ and disability advocate, Jay is dedicated to creating lasting change within her community & inspiring others to do the same.

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